Veins for Which A&P Students Are Responsible

Veins for Which A&P Students Are Responsible

Note that most of the veins of the body are named in parallel fashion to the arteries supplying the capillary beds they drain. It is assumed that you have learned the arteries, and therefore you already know the analogous veins. (See handout on arteries.)

The following veins, however, do not have strictly analogous arteries, or follow pathways which differ in some significant way from those of the arteries. The numbers are the page numbers in Martini’s Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology, 5th Ed, (2001).

Head: p. 736-737
superior sagittal sinus
inferior sagittal sinus
straight sinus
transverse sinus
confluence of the sinuses
internal jugulars
external jugulars (to subclavians)

Chest: p. 738
R & L subclavian
R & L brachiocephalic
accessory azygos

Arm: p. 738
median cubital (connects)

Abdomen: p. 738, 741
hepatic portal
R & L hepatic
R gonadal
L gonadal (note carefully)
hepatic portal

Leg: p. 740
great saphenous
small saphenous