Nervous System to Blood

Nervous System to Blood


Confirm that these slides are in your box for A&P 202. PLEASE take the utmost care with these slides so that your fellow students may learn from them as well. Click on the name of the slide for labeled views of the slides. When you are finished with the slide, cleanse it thoroughly, and carefully replace it in the appropriate sloe in the slide box.

Page in Notebook for the ill./Slide No./Specimen source/ stain/ Cat. No.
______ 1. Spinal motor nerve cell ox H-Eosin H 1660
______ 2. Cerebral cortex, pyramidal neurons cat 400x lbld Ag H 1490
______ 3. Cerebellum, Purkinje cells cat lbld cerebellar detail Ag H 1510
______ 4. Spinal cord, c.s. & l.s. cat/rabbit Central canal of spinal cord, labeled H-Eosin H 1537
______ 5. Spinal ganglion c.s. cat/rabbit lbdl dorsal root ganglion Ag H 1560
______ 6. Motor endings plates snake AuCl2 H 1685
______ 7. Chick, 60-70 hour, whole mount chicken H 2195
______ 8. Eye, general structure monkey Anterior vascular and fibrous tunics Cross section of the retina, labeled H 1064
______ 9. Ear, cochlea guinea pig Cochlear duct, labeled 71571
______ 10. Vater-Pacini corpuscles,pancreas, cat H-eosin H 1688
______ 11. Crista ampullaris H 1697
______ 12. Olfactory epithelium H 1042
______ 13. Tongue, taste buds rabbit 70771
______ 14. Hypophysis,pars d.,i.& n. cat H-Eosin H 4260
______ 15. Thyriod, follicles, retic & simp.epithel. H 4290
______ 16. Adrenal gland, cortex (& medulla?) 70881
______ 17. Islets of Langerhans human 70905


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