Anatomy of the Digestive System

Anatomy of the Digestive System


In the cat, identify the following organs and features. The page numbers refer to Gilbert’s Pictorial Anatomy of the Cat.

Make three illustrations:
1)  Head, esophagus and stomach (dissected open to show rugae)
2)  Liver and its features
3)  Stomach through the rectum



salivary glands: (pp 20-21, 38)
parotid & duct around and below the ear
submaxillary below parotid, under posterior facial vein
Here is a labeled view showing the parotid and submaxillary glands.


esophagus in cervical, thoracic and diaphragm region

stomach (pp. 43-45, 49)
lesser and greater curvatures
fundus uppermost rounded portion
lesser omentum connects to liver
left gastric artery branches fr celiac art.
greater omentum hangs below
cardiac orifice entry into stomach
pyloric sphincter exit from stomach
Here is a labeled image of the stomach.

cut along the greater curvature to open stomach and see:
rugae inside stomach
contents What did it last eat?
Any parasites?



liver : (pp. 42-46)
coronary ligament superior edge
gall bladder shriveled between lobes
common bile duct lies behind duodenum
(Note that the duodenum is green where the bile duct empties into it.)


liver : (pp. 42-46)
falciform ligament anterior edge
round ligament anterior edge of falc. lig
coronary ligament superior edge
Here is a labeled image of the liver and its ligaments.



stomach (outline)
pyloric sphincter
duodenum first few cm after stomach
pancreas (p. 50) lies in curve of duodenum
pancreatic duct joins bile duct at duodenum


cut open the duodenum to see the villi

mesenteries : (p. 49)
superior mesenteric artery
vessels of the hepatic portal system (yellow)
hepatic portal vein (large & yellow)

ileum  (terminal part of sm intestine)
lymph nodes
ileocecal valve
cecum (p. 49)  (blind proximal end of colon below ileocecal valve)
Here is a labeled image of the junction of the ileum and the colon.
Herre is a labeled image of the lower GI tract of the cat

jejunum (after duodenum)
make a 2″ longitudinal cut, note:
villi like velvet
(see any parasites? probably Ascaris)

ascending colon (indistinct in cat)

transverse colon (indistinct in cat)

descending colon (indistinct in cat)

sigmoid colon (indistinct in cat)

rectum  (straight terminal portion of colon

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