Digestive System Histology

Digestive System Histology

Examine the following slides, illustrate and label the indicated features: (See diFiore’s Atlas, 9th Ed, referenced below as VE.)


Stomach, combination, H2890. VE: p. 187, 193. 100x:
examine cells from the body region of the stomach (here is stomach at 40x ) simple mucous columnar epithelium
gastric pits
parietal cells (synthesize HCl, along wall )
chief cells (synthesize pepsinogen, deep)
lamina propria
muscularis mucosa
Here is a labeled view of the gastric mucosa.


Slide:  Duodenum, jejunum, ileum, H 3008
(These next three are on the same slide and should be drawn on a single page to contrast their distinguishing features. The distinguishing features are italicized in the following lists of features)
Here is a collage showing the duodenum, jejunum and ileum with diagnostic features noted.

duodenum, 40x

duodenum: VE: p. 201, 40x
[intestinal villus] (May not be apparent)
simple columnar (striated border = microvilli)
goblet cells
intestinal glands (Crypts of Lieberkühn)
duodenal glands (Brunner’s, deeper, make mucus)
muscularis externa
Here is a labeled view of the duodenum.


jejunum: VE: p. 203. 40x:
submucosa (no Brunner’s or Peyer’s)
intestinal glands
muscularis externa


ileum, VE: p. 205, 40x:
Peyer’s patches (lymphatic tissue in submucosa)
intestinal glands
muscularis externa
Here is a labeled view of the ileum .

colon, 40x

Large intestine, c.s., H 3010 VE: pp 207 & 209, 100x
mucosa (flat luminal surface)
goblet cells
lymph nodes (if present)
muscularis externa
Here is a labeled view of the colon .


Liver overview, h.&e., 98-9600  VE: p. 221, 40x
liver lobule surrounded by several triads
central vein (here is a close up of a central vein .)
hepatic triad
Here is a labeled 100x view of a liver lobule.
Here is a labeled 400x view of the central vein, sinusoids, hepatocytes and Kupfer cells.


Liver detail, VE: p. 223, 100 or 400x:  Here is a good view of a liver lobule, 100x.
hepatic triad:
bile duct (Simple cuboid epithelium
hepatic artery
hepatic portal vein
plates of hepatocytes (columns)
Also possess Kupfer cells (Part of reticuloendothelial system)
central vein
Here is a labeled view of a hepatic triad.


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