Histological Features of the Spinal Cord

Histological Features of the Spinal Cord

Examine the cross sections of the spinal cord with the 4x objective first. Locate all major regions as listed below. At higher power, note cell structure of central canal, posterior and anterior gray horns, and funiculi. Then illustrate first at lowest power and label the following:

Slide 4: Spinal Cord cross section and longitudinal sections, H-Eosin (H 1537)
Make four illustrations:

Spinal Cord cross section
(40x): (MF 4th : pages 99, 101)

anterior median fissure
pia mater
arachnoid meninx
dura mater (if present)
posterior median sulcus
posterior gray horn
posterior funiculus
lateral gray horn
lateral funiculus
central canal
ependymal cells
white commissure
grey commissure
anterior gray horn
filaments of ventral root
anterior funiculus
Here is a labeled view of the spinal cord.

central canal, 400x

Central Canal, 400x
a: Central Canal (400x)
ependymal cells
grey commissure
Here is a labeled view of the central canal.

Anterior Horn Cell, 400x
b: Anterior horn cell (400x)
clear hillock
Nissl bodies
Here is a labeled view of anterior horn cells.

myelinated fibers, 400x
c: myelinated fibers (See MF 4 th:93-95) (400x)
(cross section at posterior funiculus)
multiple cross sections of fibers
myelin sheath


Dorsal Root Ganglioin, 40x
Slide 5: Spinal Cord with Dorsal Root Ganglion cross section, Ag stain (H 1560)
(MF 4 th: page 97) Single large illustration showing all of the following (40x):
Here is a labeled view of the spinal cord with dorsal root ganglion.

spinal cord general features:
posterior gray horn
anterior gray horn
anterior median fissure
posterior median sulcus
dorsal root ganglion
dorsal root ganglion, 100x


dorsal root ganglion features:
ganglion cells
nerve fibers
epineurium (capsule)
dorsal root
if present:
ventral root
spinal nerve
Here is a labeled view of the dorsal root ganglion..

This detail shows the ventral root where it is formed from fibers from the anterior gray horn

Additional images of the spinal cord

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