Histology of Selected Endocrine Organs

Histology of Selected Endocrine Organs

Examine each of the following slides, note the features in common and those which differentiate the endocrine organs.
Make five illustrations, each at the noted power to take up at least half of a page. Note the purposes of each of the functional features labeled. Compare with the illustrations in di Fiore’s Atlas of Normal Human Histology, 9th Ed. Read di Fiore’s discussion of the endocrine system, pp 266-267 for a discussion of functions.

I. Hypophysis, 40x: Slide 14, Hypophysis, pars distalis, intermedia & nervosa, cat, H&E,
(H 4260), (MF 9th, page 269)
pars distalis (adenohypophysis)
pars intermedia (remnant, Rathke’s pouch)
pars nervosa (neurohypophysis)
blood vessels in capsule
sinusoidal capillaries
Here is a labeled 40x view of the hypophysis (pituitary gland).

II. Thyroid, 100x: Slide 15, Thyroid, follicles, retic & simple cuboid epithelium
(H 4290), (MF 9th, page 275)
follicular cells


III. Thyroid Follicle detail, 400x:
cuboidal follicular cells
parafollicular cells (clear cells)
sinusoidal capillaries
Here is a labeled 400x view of the thyroid.

IV. Adrenal Gland, 100x: Slide 16, Adrenal gland, cortex (& medulla?)
(70881), (MF 9th, page 279)
zona glomerulosa [makes mineralcorticoids]
(superficial ovoid groups)
zona fasciculata [makes glucocorticoids]
(columns of cells)
zona reticularis [makes androgens]
(deep anastomosing cords of darker cells)
sinusoidal capillaries
adrenal medulla (if present)
Here is a labeled 40x view of the adrenal gland.

V. Islets of Langerhans, 100x: Slide 17, Islets of Langerhans, human pancreas
(70905) (MF 9th, pages 229-233)
pancreatic acini
intralobular duct
interlobular duct
Islets of Langerhans
Pacinian corpuscle
[See also slide 10: Vater-Pacinian Corpuscles in the pancreas (H 1688).]
Here is a labeled 40x view of the pancreas.
And here is a labeled 100x view showing Islets of Langerhans and an intralobular duct.

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