Genetics and Cell Biology 2081

Genetics and Cell Biology 2081

Here are lecture notes for last year’s Cell and last year’s Genetics (to be consolidated in the future.)
Coded grades for Genetics/Cell Fall Semester 2012, listed by your UC “M” number will be available here at the end of the Semester.

1) Table of Contents
2) Syllabus: Genetics/Cell Biology 2081, (Mount in front of your text)
3) How to Take a Fankhauser Genetics/Cell Biology Course
4) Wordstems for Genetics/Cell, chronologically by quizzes and tests
5a) Meanings of Wordstems for Genetics/Cell Biology, cumulative, with meanings, Part 1
5b) Meanings of Wordstems for Genetics/Cell Biology, cumulative, with meanings, Part 2
6) Study Groups: Towards Effective Peer Education
7) Study Group Report Form
8) Instructions for completion of Genetics Homework
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9) Table of Contents of Lab Schedule and Activities
10) Lab Activities: Schedule for Genetics/Cell 2081
11) Laboratory Notebook Procedure
12) Format Suggestions for Table of Contents
13) Use of Contact Paper for Mounting Handouts and Specimens
14) Notebook Illustrations
15) Sample First Notebook Grade Sheet , from previous year
16) Sample Second Notebook Grade Sheet, from previous year
17a) How to View a Slide; Evaluating Microscope
17b) Binocular Microscope: its Features and Care; Microscope Storage Grade Sheet
18) Cell Structure in a Leaf Cross Section
19) Cells:The Functional Units of Organisms
20) Cells Found in Tooth Scrapings
21) Protein Assay by Microbiuret: Standardization
22) Sample Layout of an Experiment (Protein Conc. in Unknowns: Microbiuret)
23) Spectrophotometer Use
24) Graph Construction
25) Sample Math Problems for Cell Biology
26) Displacement Pipetters: Their Care & Use ; Practice Using Pipetter’s Features
27) Enzyme Assay: Lactase
28) Reagents, Materials and Calculations for Lactase Enzyme Assay
29) Lactase: Comparison of Content in Brands
30) Lactase pH Optimum
31) Glycolysis/Fermentation with Molecular Models
32) Protocol for Lineweaver-Burk Plot: Lactase Kinetics
33) Krebs Cycle with Molecular Models
34) Isolation of Chloroplasts by Differential Centrifugation
35) Reduction of DCIP by Purified Chloroplasts
36) Electrophoresis Gels: Practice Preparing, Loading, and Running Gels
37) Electrophoretic Separation of DNA Fragments
38) Endonuclease Digestion of DNA
39) Isolation of Buccal Cell DNA

Table for recording data Chloroplast Reduction of Indophenol in Light
(This table is still under Semester required construction…)

LINKS:Here is an excellent page to explore three dimensional protein structure of the enzyme ribonuclease When the page comes up, (it may take a while to load), you can “grab” the molecule with the left button of the mouse and rotate the structure in space. Alpha helices will be very apparent, beta pleated sheets can be found with some searching.