pp. 122-149, TFC 7th: , Black: 120-136, Bauman 2nd: 135-

Primary goal of catabolism of glucose is to generate ATP (p 127) to be used for anabolism, run the cell.
Transfer of electrons is source of energy: (overview on p 135)

Fermentation the catabolism of glucose in which the terminal H acceptor is organic
Respiration the catabolism of glucose in which the terminal H acceptor is inorganic
Glycolysis (p 136) nets 2 ATPs ATP and 2 NADH per glucose molecule (p. 121), uses 2 NAD+ pyruvate is end product

FERMENTATION regenerates NAD+ in the absence of an inorganic H acceptor (p 146)

Lactic Acid fermentation (homolactic fermentation (only lactic acid produced): yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles

Alcoholic fermentation (p 146)

Also see picture on top, p 148:
Other fermentation products:
propionic acid formation
Swiss cheese
acetic acid
Acetobacter vinegar
gas gangrene, industrial production of acetone
citric acid
flavoring (soft drinks)

RESPIRATION uses an inorganic H acceptor (oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, etc)

Acetyl CoA is generated from pyruvate, feeds into Krebs cycle p. 140

Krebs cycle (p. 141)
NADH and FADH feed their hydrogens into the electron transport system (142)

ATP is generated from the energy release by the oxidation of these hydrogens (p 143)

Alternative H acceptor molecules for respiration (anaerobic respiration, produces less ATP):

N in NO3- yielding N2 (denitrification) Pseudomonas, Bacillus

S in SO4 yielding H2S Desulfovibrio

Total ATPs from single glucose with aerobic respiration: 38
Other catabolic reactions:
Protein to amino acids, deamination producing NH3 (p 150)
fats to glycerol and fatty acids (saponification). Fatty acids can give off taste to butter and milk (butyric acid) (p 149)


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