Freedom Rides Leave Montgomery for Jackson

Sunday 28 May, we got up at dawn and were driven to the Trailways Bus Station. A large contingent of National Guard were posted outside of the bus station to prevent the KKK and other local white supremacists from attacking the Freedom Riders. We entered and successfully integrated the Montgomery Trailways station, and after twenty to thirty minutes, boarded a bus bound from Montgomery, Alabama to Jackson, Mississippi . A large contingent of Alabama State Police cars were stationed at the bus terminal, and as the bus left the terminal, the State Police surrounded it, forming an escort. The governor and local officials had decided that Alabama was no longer going to occupy the front pages with pictures of rioting whites beating up non-violent Freedom Riders. This is a view from inside the Montgomery bus station.
In the upper right image, the seated Freedom Riders are, from L to R:  David Fankhauser (reading a newspaper), Allen Carson (reading a book), David Myers, my colleague from Central State College, Pauline Knight (ticket in hand) and Franklin Hunt.   Dr. King saw us off at the station.

Today, viewing the images of the Freedom Riders in the stations, I am amused that I was (pretending to be absorbed in) reading a newspaper.  24_slide0003_image047 25_slide0006_image049 26_slide0015_image051 27_slide0016_image053

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