Freedom Songs are Crucial to our Spirits

We continued our hunger strike. We kept up our spirits by singing Freedom songs, many with Gospel roots.  Without a doubt, spirited singing of these songs were the high point of our experience at Parchman.  Here is a list of the ones I can remember:

We Shall Overcome
Michael Row Your Boat Ashore
My Dog Loves Your Dog
Let My People Go
Gospel Plow
I’m Travelin’
Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
This Little Light of Mine
If I Had a Hammer
Which Side Are You On ?
Oh Freedom
Welcome Table
We Are Soldiers in the Army
Freedom Rider Special (Midnight Special)

(See the little baby…)
Everybody Sing (Freedom)
We Shall not be Moved
Get Your Rights, Jack  (tune of Hit the Road Jack)
Oh Mary don’t you weep
If You Ever Go to Jackson.
Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round
Come and Go With Me to That Land
Certainly, Certainly, Certainly Lord
I’m On My Way to Freedom Land
I’m So Glad
Woke This Morning With My Mind Staying On Freedom
This May Be the Last Time
We Shall Not Be Moved
Down By the Riverside


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