Interview by Westbrook Pegler

The one time I was permitted to leave the bull pen was to be taken to meet with a reporter. (I later found out he was Westbrook Pegler, an extreme right-wing reporter who was given special access to the Freedom Riders with the purpose of discrediting the demonstration.)  After a few apparently innocuous questions, he leaned close and shot the question “Do you believe in money?” I didn’t understand the point, and he asked it again. I launched into a philosophical discussion of the need for some means of exchange, etc. He cut me off with a wave of the hand and called for the guard. I later learned that he was convinced that the Freedom Rides were nothing more than a Communist conspiracy, and since the Communists didn’t believe in money, he could trip me up by getting me to acknowledge that I didn’t believe in it. Here is a link to the article that Wesbrook Pegler wrote.


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