A&P Slides Tissues to Muscles

A&P Slides Tissues to Muscles

Mount this page on the first Arabic numbered page in your notebook (See Notebook Procedure).

Leave the column to the left uncovered with contact paper so you may enter the page where your corresponding illustration is to be found in your notebook

The slide index is arranged by slide number, Description of specimen, specimen source, Stain, and catalog number
______ 1. letter “e” photographic image silver Z 1
______ 2. simple squamous epithelium frog mesothelium H&E** H 120
______ 3. simple cuboid epithelium rabbit kidney H&E H 150
______ 4. simple columnar epithelium Necturus sm.intest. Masson H 185
______ 5. stratified squamous epithelium dog esophagus H&E H 230
______ 6. pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium trachea H&E H 210
______ 7. areolar connective tissue cat subcutaneous Verhoeff H 570
______ 8. adipose connective tissue fatty tissue H&E H 600
______ 9. white fibrous connective tissue tendon, c.s & l.s. H&E H 655
______ 10. yellow elastic connective tissue cow nuchal lig. H&E H 666
______ 11. hyaline cartilage trachea H&E H 680
______ 12. elastic cartilage ear, elastic fibers Verhoeff H 690
______ 13. fibrocartilage intervert. disc aniline blue H 710
______ 14. bone, ground human, c.s. compact (India ink?) H 780
______ 15. skin, mammal pig, c.s. follicles H&E H 2080
______ 16. smooth muscle frog, teased out H&E H 1250
______ 17. skeletal muscle striated muscle, l.s. H&E H 1308
______ 18. cardiac muscle heart H&E H 1350
______ 19. intercalated discs heart H&E + Iron 93W3530

* All slides purchased from Carolina Biological except for the intercalated discs (#19)
** H&E is a staining procedure using hematoxylin and eosin.

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