Binocular Microscope: Features and Care

microscope red



microscope white

  1. To carry a microscope: first clear your desk to receive the microscope, then grasp its arm firmly, lift and support under the base with other hand, set on a cleared desk. Remove and store its dust cover in cabinet under desk. Unwrap power cord, loop once around gas outlet at rear of desk, plug into electrical outlet in front of desk.
  2. Clean the lenses: use ONLY lens paper. Polish the objectives and oculars: breathe on them lightly for moisture.  If the view is still foggy, ask for help.  (Slides may be polished with Kimwipes.)
  3. Always begin slide set-up with the stage lowered and the lowest power objective (4x) in place.
  4. Focus initially only by LOWERING the stage to the focal point using the coarse focus. NEVER raise the stage using the coarse focus during focusing.  (The objective may ram the slide which can damage both.)
  5. Use only the fine focus with higher power objectives. Make only minor changes in focus when necessary with the fine focus knob. If you totally lose focus, return to a lower power objective to find the focal point. Do not use the 100x objective unless you have received specific instructions on its use. (See a separate handout for oil immersion procedure.)
  6. Carefully follow microscope use instructions. (See Using and Evaluating the Microscope .)


  1. Get out the microscope, using proper carrying technique (see rule 1 above), place on a cleared desk.

    Cord wound properly around base
    Cord wound properly around base
  2. Note how the cord is neatly wrapped around the base (we hope): not twisted or bent back, snugly wrapped around the lamp housing and arm, with the plug is securely tucked in under the cord. Always rewind the cord in this configuration.

    Right Side View of Microscope
    Right Side View of Microscope
  3. Draw a right side view of the microscope (oculars point to L), label or explain all of the following. Briefly note various functions. (You may be tested on any of these…):


Labeled views of the microscope features:

Microscope features, individual:

Note Especially:



History of the Microscope

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