Setting up your Microbiology Lab Notebook

Setting up your Microbiology Lab Notebook

Use a graph-lined 10.25 x 7.875 inch composition notebook.
Use a Precise V5 permanent black pen for all primary entries (You may add color to the line drawing later.) Mount the provided name plate on the front of the book as shown.

Mount the two lab schedules (first half and second half of the course) on the inside cover and the facing page (page i).
The second half schedule will be distributed half way through the quarter

Mount the First Half Handout Table of Contents on page ii. Fill in the page numbers in your notebook where the protocols are to be found as you mount them in the notebook.
Reserve page iii for the Second Half Handout Table of Contents, to be handed out half way through the quarter.

Type up and mount your table of contents for the contents of your notebook on pages iv and v.
When you hand in your notebook the second time, mount the table of contents for the second half of your notebook on pages v and vi.
Mount the Index to Prepared Micro Slides on page 1.
Leave the “Page in your notebook” column uncovered so that you can enter the page number of the respective illustrations.

Mount Micro Laboratory Notebook Procedures on page 2 of your notebook.
Before handing in your notebook for grading, type up 3-5 comments or suggestions on a single page as specified in the Lab Notebook Procedures. Mount it as shown.
Type up any new wordstems given which were not in the cumulative list of wordstems with the date given.
Mount it on the last page of your notebook and indicate the date you mounted the typed list.
On the inside cover of your notebook, mount in chronological order all gradeslips which have been given you with returned graded material. (One point per slip mounted)


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