Histology of Reproductive Organs

Examine these slide at low power first to find the field which best demonstrates the listed features. Label the indicated features, and briefly describe their functions.

Male Histology

1. Testis, monkey, 400x, Slide 12 (H 9700) VE’s 9th: pp. 285 & 287

Diagram of Spermatogenesis:

Diagram of spermatogenesis.

2. Penis, c.s. monkey, 40x, Slide 13, (H 9712), VE’s 9th: p. 297

Female Histology

3. Ovary, monkey, 100x, Slide 14 (H 9800); VE’s 9th: pp. 303 & 307

4. Ovary: Graafian follicle 100x, Slide 15 (H 3785); VE’s 9th: pp. 303 & 305

5. Corpus luteum (40x), Slide 16, (H 3815); VE’s 9th: pp. 309

6. Fallopian tube, c.s. 100x, Slide 18, (H 9802); VE’s 9th: p. 311

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