First Year Biology Lab 1082L

First Year Biology Lab 1082L

Table of Contents

I have not taught BioLab 1082L course in several years. Here are instructions for how to print out, cut and bind your First Year BioLab manual. Please print out the packet, cut it into 5.5 x 8.5 inch pages, and have it bound with spiral binding at a local copy store (Kinko’s, Office Max, etc. Costs about $4.50). I will give specific instructions on the first day of lab.

I will be adding and/or modifying many of these protocols as we work our way through the quarter. Stay tuned.


The following links will take you to illustrated pages to explain each topic in more detail and with images:

Handout: Students must mount these protocols in their notebooks. All students are responsible for them and should know them.

Table of Contents
Schedule of Lab Activities, Biology Lab 1082L, Spring Semester 2014

Laboratory Notebook Procedure

Format Suggestions for Table of Contents  

Format Suggestions for Cumulative Lists.

Use of Contact Paper for Mounting Handouts

Notebook Illustrations 

The Binocular Microscope: Its Features & Care

How to View a Slide & Microscope, storage gradesheet 

Sample Notebook Grade sheet from previous semester

Field Hike Protocol

Binocular Care and Use

Sprouting Seeds

Writing a Scientific Paper

Making Yogurt

Making Labneh (simple yogurt Cheese)

Making Hard Cheese: for 1 gallon of milk, for 5 gallons of milk.

Making Ricotta

Fungi Sporulation (Images Only, No Alt-Tag/Captions)

Mosses and Ferns (Images Only, No Alt-Tag/Captions)


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