Comments and Suggestions

Here are some suggestions about how students can make the most of their “COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS” portion of the notebook.

I mentioned in the first day of lab (a LONG time ago), that one goal of the lab is to get students to think more deeply about what we do in lab, and would like you to draw comments and suggestions based on what we do in lab (or in the field). Obviously you will not answer all of the following questions, or even have comments for every lab we do, but here is a list to get you thinking along these lines:

  • What is the purpose of a particular lab? What was the value?
  • Did you have problems with the protocol? How would you improve it?
  • Did you have problems with your use of the equipment? If so, what were they?
  • Did the data have anomalies? Propose hypotheses about what might be the explanation.
  • Are there labs which you feel were not of value to the course? Could you suggest a replacement lab?
  • Did your lab work explain something you observed in your regular life and which you now understand better?

Of particular value to me are suggestions which cause me to alter/improve the way I teach this course. (Of little value are complaints about how there was not enough time… ;-))

I request that you pick out at most, the best five or your comments/suggestions and type them up on a single page with cross references to the pages in your notebook which gave rise to the comments. You should type up a minimum of three thoughtful and/or incisive comments for full credit (8 points). If they are typed up on a single page with cross references, you get an additional 3 points (11 total points). If I incorporate your suggestion(s) into the way I teach the course, you get 16 points.

Here is the illustrated page on NB PROCEDURES:

Linked to the previous page is an example of SAMPLE COMMENTS:

A word of advice… do NOT wait until Tuesday night to finish up your notebook (i.e., type up and mount your table of contents, your wordstem list, your suggestions…) I cannot tell you how many times students say they waited until the day the NB was due to print them out, and they couldn’t get them to print…

Also… the work we do on Wednesday will be included in the Notebook Gradesheet. Do not skip the lab in order to finish up your notebook.

About 15 minutes before the end of the lab, I will hand out the gradesheets. You will enter the appropriate page numbers in you notebook for each of the entries to be graded. I will then collect the notebooks, re-distribute them, and you will help me grade the objective portion of the notebook (see the top section of the notebook gradesheet:

Enjoy your “reading days…”

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