First Year Biology 1081 Lab, Lab Packet and Directions

I have not taught BioLab 1081L course in several years.

Here are directions for How to Print Lab Manual which Jan Carter put together, based on protocols I created awhile back.

Please print out the packet, cut it into 5.5 x 8.5 inch pages, and have it bound with spiral binding at a local copy store (Kinko’s, Office Max, etc). I will give specific instructions on the first day of lab.

Directory of Handouts for the semester

Directory of Images from the FIRST TWO Quizzes of the semester, GRID.

Directory of Images from the FIRST TWO Quizzes of the semester, SLIDESHOW.

NOTE: Some images will be used for the midterm.

The following links will take you to illustrated pages or PDF files to explain each topic in more detail:

Table of Contents

Schedule of Lab Activities, Fall 2014

Laboratory Notebook Procedure

Format Suggestions for Table of Contents

Format Suggestions for Cumulative Lists (Fauna and Flora)

Use of Contact Paper for Mounting Handouts

Notebook Illustrations

The Binocular Microscope: Its Features & Care

How to View a Slide & Microscope, Storage Grade Sheet

Sample First Notebook, Grade Sheet

Field Hike Protocol

Sprouting Seeds

Chromatographic Separation of Photosynthetic Pigments

Spectra of Isolated Photosynthetic Pigments

Mitosis versus Meiosis

Biological Aspects of a Healthful Salad

Making Yogurt

Making Labneh (simple yogurt cheese)

Making Hard Cheese: 1 Gallon of Milk

Making Hard Cheese: 5 Gallons of Milk

Making Ricotta



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