Anatomy & Physiology 2001 Table of Contents, Syllabus and Lab Handouts

Table of Contents


Lecture Notes Directory

Laboratory Handouts Directory

GetBodySmart Anatomy Study Guide

How to Take a Fankhauser Anatomy and Physiology Course

Wordstems, Chronological Order, Rev. 2013

Cumulative Wordstems with Associated Meanings, Rev. 2013

Study Groups, Effective Peer-to-Peer Education, Rev. 2009

Study Group Report Form, Fall 2015

For the laboratory, please mount the following items in your notebook:

A&P 2001 Lab Schedule

Laboratory Notebook Procedures

Format for Table of Contents

Table of Contents Template_26Aug2016, etc (Excel Spreadsheet Template to download)

Use Of Contact Paper For Mounting Handouts

Notebook Illustrations

Sample First Notebook Grade Sheet, previous year

Sample Second Notebook Grade Sheet, previous year

The Binocular Microscope: Its Features And Care

Microscope Storage Grade Sheet

How To View A Slide; Evaluating The Microscope

“SLIDES FOR A&P 2001” (This list combines the A&P 201 Slides: Tissues to Muscles (Fall) with the first half of the A&P 202 slides.)

Buccal Smear

Epithelial Tissues Lab

Connective Tissues Lab

Cartilage Histology Lab

Integumentary System

Bone Histology Lab

Bones And Features Of Skull

A&P Dissection kit check lists , number 1 (for notebook) & 2 (for instructor)

Dissection Of Cat I: Skinning

Features Of Selected Bones Here is a page of terms for features of bones with links to images.

Features Of Major Joints

Muscle Histology Lab

Muscles Of The Head And Trunk

Muscles To Identify In The Cat: Lower Appendages

Slides for A&P 202 (Winter): Nervous System to Blood

Intro to Nervous Tissue Histology

Embryonic Development of the Brain, 60 Hour Chick Embryo

Brain development pictures xeroxed from Balinsky

Histology of Cerebrum & Cerebellum

Key to Brain Model Components, xeroxed diagrams: page 1 , page 2 , labels

Removal and Study of the Cat Brain

Cranial Nerves in the Cat Brain

Histology of Spinal Cord

Spinal Reflex: the Patellar Reflex

Peripheral Nerves to Locate in the Cat

Recording an EEG 
(NOTE: The material covered in A&P 2001 no longer covers the special senses. That material will be covered in A&P 2002.)

Histology of the Eye

Dissection of the Eye and its Orbit in the Cat

Histology of the Inner Ear

Visual Reaction Time

Nystagmus Demonstration

Histology of Smell & Taste


Here is an image bank for Test One

Here are the images for Test Two, October 2015

Here is an images bank for Test Three.

Here is a test bank images for Test Four.

Here are images from Test Five. April 2013.

Here are labeled images from A&P 201 for review for the final exam

Here is a YouTube video illustrating the physiology of muscle contraction.


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