Jail Lectures

I have been volunteering since June 2018 at the Clermont County Jail.  I deliver weekly lecture/seminars to my inmate/pupils.  It has been extremely gratifying, and I am not being hyperbolic to say that the time spent with these pupils can be the highlight of my week.

Although I never used PowerPoint in my lectures as a College Professor, the restrictions imposed by having an extremely fluid constituency means that I Sex_yeilds_diversity_2ndcannot develop a curriculum which can build on previous week’s material.  Thus, most seminars must stand on their own.

I intend on posting the PowerPoint presentations for the general public, should they be of more general usefulness.

10 September 2019: EVOLUTION 

24 September 2019: Origin of Life

We explored the roots of how life came to be, and how it has been shaped, from Socrates to Darwin.

1 October 2019: SEX: What is it good for? (Sex_yields_diversity)

We explore how sexual reproduction is extremely effective at generating a heterogeneous population, a necessary prerequisite for Darwinian evolution.

15 October 2019: Female_Reproductive_System

We explored the internal anatomy of the human female, the process of fertilization and how the development of the resulting embryo is sustained.

30 October 2019 (Pre-halloween) pdf: Skull
Here is a powerpoint file that has animations: Skull
For Halloween, we drew the skull, explored its bones, how they connect, and how you can feel them as you feel the bumps on your head.

10 December 2019 ARTHROPODS
We examined the traits of the arthropods, and concentrate on arachnids and crustaceans.