Freedom Rides: Recollections

Freedom Rides Links

Here are a number of links to items related to my experiences, including publications, images, interviews, and a PowerPoint presentations I have produced and delivered.

  1. I gave my first Zoom talk on my Freedom Ride Experiences to the Olney Friends School broader community on 5 March 2021.  Here is a PDF of the slides I used in that presentation: Freedom_Rides_Olney_Zoom_05March2021_final
  2. Here is an updated PDF of the master list of slides I have  created for my PPT talks. Freedom_Rides_Anderson_updated_20May2019
  3. Here is a two-part podcast, hosted by Jerry Springer, in which we explored the songs which sustained Freedom Riders when we were imprisoned in Parchman Penitentiary.   Part OnePart Two
  4. Here is a video of a Public Television interview from WCET, hosted by Barbara Keller of my participation in the freedom rides.
  5.  A pamphlet of a selection of songs sung in the Maximum Security Unit, Parchman Penitentiary, Mississippi, 1961.  I have used this pamphlet to teach songs to groups.
  6.  YouTube list of Songs Sung by Freedom Riders, Parchman Penitentiary
  7. Flyer promoting European Tour, March 2015:  I delivered talks in Europe on the history of the Freedom Rides in the Southern US, and my participation in them.
  8. Freedom_Rides_Centre_College_18Jan2018, Presented 18 January 2018 at Centre College, Danville KY.
  9. Here is a link to an audio archive from the radio station WVXU FM 91.7 of an interview I granted on 24 August 2017 on “Cincinnati edition”
  10. Here is a PowerPoint presentation (PPT) given at the Eli Coffin Historic Site in Fountain City, Indiana on the continuity of the use of civil disobedience in the anti-slavery movement, the Underground Railroad (which violated the law when it aided escaped slaves), and the Freedom Rides. Freedom_Rides_Fountain_City_13April2018
  11. Here is a PPT presented to the Earlham College Department of Social Justice on the role of Civil Disobedience in the establishment of Quakerism in an atmosphere of religious repression.  Quakers were prominent in using civil disobedience in promoting anti-slavery, women’s suffrage, and the Civil Rights movement. Freedom_Rides_Earlham_14April2018
  12. Here is a PPT on Civil Disobedience from Early Quaker history to the Freedom Rides. I created it for and presented to a coalition of three Quaker Meetings in Cincinnati. Civil Disobedience_10Nov2018
  13. Here is a PDF of the PPT I presented to Anderson Hills United Methodist Church, 20 May 2019.Freedom_Rides_Anderson_20May2019


Freedom Ride “Chapters”

Please excuse the fact that these chapters are not in chronological sequence. These pages have been transferred over from my original website, and I am still learning the ropes on wordpress.

50th Year Reunion of Freedom Riders, Photos

50th Reunion of the Freedom Riders, Chicago 2011

David Fankhauser Joins the Freedom Rides

Delegation from Minnesota Inspects Conditions

Freedom Riders again ride in “Breach of Peace”

Freedom Riders Fill Up the City Jail’s “Bull Pen,” We Begin a Hunger Strike

Freedom Rides Leave Montgomery for Jackson

Freedom Rides Proceed with Minor Resistance until Anniston, Alabama

Freedom Songs are Crucial to our Spirits

Hiding Out in Ralph Abernathy’s Home

Hospitalized Freedom Riders Ejected from Hospital

Initial Time in Jackson City Jail

Interview by Westbrook Pegler

Justice Department Enforces the Law

Meeting White Volunteers at Train Station

Moved to Parchman Penitentiary

Original Freedom Riders Disband

Pamphlet of the Words to Some of the Songs We Sang

Planning Meetings with Martin Luther King

Robert Kennedy Urges Restraint

Screens Removed, Plague of Insects, Then We Are Drenched with DDT at 2 am

Song by Bryan Field McFarland, inspired by the Freedom Rides, called “Lyrical Freedom Riders”

Songs Sung by 1961 Freedom Riders in Parchman Penitentiary

Stills Taken 28 May on the Trailways Freedom Ride from Montgomery, Alabama to Jackson, Mississippi

Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) Gets Involved in the Freedom Rides

Traveling Through Alabama and Mississippi

Violence in Anniston, Alabama

Violence in Birmingham, Alabama

Violence in Montgomery, Alabama

50th Year Reunion of Freedom Riders, Photos

I have been called to task (correctly, I might add) for not always crediting the photographers who have taken these images of the Freedom Rides. I am eager to give credit to these individuals; if you happen to know who took the pictures I have posted, please contact me.