Bitola: Southern Macedonia

Bitola, in southern Macedonia, is home to our wonderful cheese making friend Nicolce. He gave us the grand tour which included Macedonian dancing with a live band, with some beautiful and talented young women from a local performance group.

The stoves for sale on the streets of Bitola are used to grill paprika peppers to prepare them for winter storage.



Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Istanbul to Rome: Images of Macedonia

These pictures were taken during a whirlwind ten days traversing through Macedonia from Istanbul to Durres Albania, then by ferry across to Bari Italy, and train to Roma.

We will have MUCH more to say about our experiences, but I must first say that we continue to be impressed and gratified at the hospitality and generosity of people we meet around the world.  Macedonians have a rich cultural history and have done well at preserving it.

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Istanbul: Ancient Churches & Mosques






Northern Greece






Bitola: Southern Macedonia


























Elbasan, Albania






Durres, Albania






Roma, Italy