Smoking Foods

Here are some pictures of my initial attempts at smoking food with a Brinkman “Gourmet” charcoal smoker.  I confess to being confused about what constitutes “cold smoking,” but can tell you that if you  run the smoker at “ideal,”  food will get overcooked and dehydrated within several hours.





Here is a picture of the smoker with internal functional components indicated.




Use quality wood charcoal (not briquettes–they stink) and/or good hardwood/fruit wood for the fire. Keep it at a VERY low level. Fill the pan above the fire with water. There is a grill above the water which can be used for smoking, but I have not determined the ideal parameters of using that grill.

There is a door into the barrel which MIGHT be of use, but I used it mainly to judge the level of the fire.

The upper most grill is the one I used. I found that four hours on “ideal” was TOO long. 3 hours below ideal was good for chicken, but some bones showed red color…