Meet David Fankhauser

Through the years, my research and interests have prompted many experiences–and are shared here.

For those who may have visited this site in the past–welcome back–and please let me know if you cannot locate something as I’m building a new site to take greater advantage of the technology available today.

For those who are visiting for the first time, I have organized my experiences and research interests and laboratory support as follows:

Biology & Chemistry

Current Courses at University of Cincinnati Clermont College

Cheese Making (and other fermented milk products)

Homesteading Skills

Winter Tree Buds and Bark


Greenhouse Growing Activities, University of Cincinnati: Clermont College, Ohio

Eclipse of the Moon, 10 PM, January 20, 2000

Eclipse of Moon




Flying Squirrel Images

Social Issues

Freedom Ride Reflections


Travels, Sabbaticals and Family

Istanbul to Rome: Macedonian Trip Pictures