Cheese Making

Welcome to Cheese Making, formerly “Fankhauser’s Cheese Page.” Yes, my site is transitioning–I appreciate your patience.

Please let me know if you have any difficulty finding something–especially if it is something you have found here before. ~David Fankhauser

Beginning Cheese Making  takes you to further information on ingredients and equipment along with a link to a syllabus for a beginning cheese making course.

Here is a pamphlet I put together to accompany my Cheese Making courses: Make Your Own Cheese, A Workshop on Cheese Making..

Cheese Recipes & Related Topics

Listed alphabetically

Blue Cheese

Cheese, Basic Hard, 1 Gallon

Cheese, Basic Hard, 5 Gallon

Cheese Press, Home Made

Cheese Videos, YouTube

Clean Break Failure, Diagnosing

Clotted Cream

Cream Cheese

Farmer’s Cheese






Mozzarella, American

Mozzarella, Fresh (Pasta Filata)

Mozzarella, Italian


Paneer (or Panir)


Rennet, Home Made


Swiss Cheese


Links to Cheese Making Sites and Discussion Groups

Country Life

Fias Co Farm


Dom’s Defir Grains and Kefir

Wild Fermentation


Links to Supplies

I have purposely tried to develop recipes which use ingredients easily found locally in supermarkets. Ask the manager for help. However, if you are looking to buy from a specialty source, check out these companies.

I do not officially endorse any commercial establishment from these pages, but have heard positive comments from others about them. Let me know what your experience is with them.

New England Cheesemaking Supply Company

Glengarry Cheesemaking

The Grape and Granary, Cheesemaking

Danlac Canada Incorporated

2 thoughts on “Cheese Making

  1. Dawn Colon

    I tried to find the rumenant part of a 2 day old lamb and could not find what you had the pictures of how old was the animal that you used.


    1. I am still trying to adjust to the blog format when the plug was pulled on my pages hosted by my College. We tried to transfer all pages from the original site to the blog site. Look for my page on rennet, and you should see the four chambered ruminant stomach. The image, as I recall was from a fawn hit onthe road in front of my house. What you want is the abomasum. Two day old lamb sounds sad…


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