Use of Contact Paper for Mounting Handouts and Specimens

Use of Contact
Paper for Mounting Handouts and Specimens

Handout sheets should be permanently mounted in your notebook using contact paper. This forms a protective, transparent cover, and ensures that you will not lose them. You may also permanently mount flat specimens in the same way.


Use clear, transparent contact paper which has a smooth surface (no embossed pattern). Otherwise, the specimen will be obscured. The most suitable brand was “Adhere”, but appears to be no longer available. “Con-Tact” Clear and “Kwik Kover II” are readily available and are suitable. You may wish to try a different brand. Use these criteria for evaluation: clarity of detail of mounted specimen, ability to reposition an incorrectly placed specimen, ability of the contact paper to be written upon with ink (especially your TOMBO Pen, or india ink), cost, tendency of adhesive to creep out beyond edge of the contact paper, resistance to yellowing.









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